Perth Protest Hijacked


I suppose this was sadly inevitable. What was to be a simple, peaceful protest arranged by the Save Safe Schools Coalition (SSSC) has now descendeld into confusion and chaos.

Firstly, Reclaim Australia-Perth, hastily arranged a rally to counter protest the SSSC. At the 11th hour, Reclaim chose to bring the time of their counter rally forward to 12.30pm in an act of brinkmanship.

Next thing, the fascist fools from the United Patriots Front (read: recently-reinstated-after-leaving, Dennis Huts) saw it as an opportunity to spread its own brand of hate and invited themselves along.

As if that wasn’t enough, the lesser known marriage equality group Equal Love has decided to hijack the protest at the eleventh hour for their own purposes.

It comes as little surprise that Equal Love are essentially members of the niggling, shit stirring, far left group Socialist Alternative under another guise.

So an event which the SSSC had created in good faith and with the best of intentions, has now been reduced to a rabble of recusant societal misfits and overinflated egos.

It seems everyone wants a piece of the activism pie these days. Certain groups choose not to organise rallies themselves but co-opt the work of others to further their own selfish agenda. Pitiful.

For the sake of the SSSC, let us hope that they are somehow able to get their message across unhindered. Unfortunately, that is looking less than likely.

Dennis Huts – UPF/Fortitude Perth.

In his infinite wisdom, Dennis Huts, the most far flung and perhaps most odious member of the United Patriots Front’s political party ‘Fortitude’, has again seen fit to approach a hospital (camera in hand) in Perth, WA, questioning why there is a prayer room dedicated to Muslims.

Dennis could have saved himself a great deal of time and effort, had he taken the time to view the Fiona Stanley Hospital website, which would have told him that it is not for the exclusive use of Muslims.

There is quite a difference between being disingenuous and dishonest. The former is perhaps the lesser of the two, but either way, neither are a good human trait. Huts tends to lean to the latter, more often than not, if not exclusively. Why is it that he must lie continually? A simple internet search would have found what I did (refer to the screenshot below) in less than a few seconds.


Sadly, those who read Huts’ page and his ramblings elsewhere, choose not to think that he is a bigot or racist, when it is more than clear that he is at least both. He is very much a loathsome individual who will stop at nothing to spread his personal hate among simple minded people who know no better.

He is, for all intents and purposes, preaching to the fascist choir. Perhaps one of the most despicable things of all, is for him to drag his children into his world of hate in various videos. Dennis, like Shermon Burgess, is desperately in need of immediate psychological help.